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A brilliant example of Swiss precision engineering and craftsmanship. Thorens, thoughtfully, includes a pair of cotton gloves to keep your dabs off the acrylic plinth during setup, so gloves on and off we go. In performance tests, the turntable proved to have exceedingly low wow, flutter, and rumble—lower in fact, than the TD-124 and about on a par with the Acoustic Research turntable. What the idler drive has is this sense of total solidity. I'm happy to confirm that a lot of it is justified. . I just finished setting up my new-to-me TD 124 and am hearing a low The tonearm: Jelco 750 D with ground wire connected to the phono stage. 3 Options you have in the Thorens variations. There could be others from that series. There is nothing wrong with the turntable it’s working fine. So without further ado, from our March 1963 issue SME 3009 tonearm was installed. TD320 Manual in Thorens parts and pieces For Sale. No cartridge. PRICE DROP: Professionally restored Thorens TD~124 which included. 60. Non magnetic platter for the TD124. Condition is Used. I have two cartridges, a Shure V15 Type III and Type IV, and am looking for the best, reasonably priced tonearm to use with this turntable and cartridge combo. The Wand tonearm to fit a Thorens TD316,318,320_pdf. Pick up følger ikke med. Serious inquires only. 40. Pulled some charts though, and saw evidence of bushing wear, particularly for the idler wheel. Marked thorens swiss made also fab suisse some rubbing wear on the thorens as it's on the edge on the bottom so the top half of the letters are worn. Also post. I got the turntable restored and a nice birch ply plinth made, and mounted a used Audiocraft AC3000 tonearm on it. I finally finished the restoration of my TD-124 and sold the RMG-212 tonearm that was originally with this TT. The legendary Thorens 124 I turntable offers incomparable musical performance. com and fresh out of the box. The 124 would be a grail, not a holy grail as there are some better Thorens tables, just not at a price people would pay. Find Turntables In Stock Now. Shure M-55 Magnetic Cartridge. Chassis design in cast aluminum molded training mixed belt and roller, heavy plate equilibrated with the possibility of him fit any tonearm, among other things an SME 3009 on the photo. Serial # 10808. Superbly different, the TD-124 offers a host of exclusive features never before achieved in any other turntable, meets the most exacting demands of broadcasting. It was selected in an already good condition, then it was restored and the bearing was cleaned. People who own the non-magnetic main platter may try to push their “Thorens” to new limits. Comes with original manual and other paperwork. Thorens Td 124 Owners Manual Download the Thorens TD-124-Mk2 Owners Manual. 1) Visual and Operational inspection to determine any obvious problems. Vintage thorens petrol lighter. Checking the iron platter for magnetic attraction to various cartridges. 94) Posted by Jean-Marc on 2004-05-11, 12:27:12 (212. Thorens "record clam" stabilizer in a Thorens wooden box Special SME3009 tonearm reconditioned by Alfred Kayser from smetonearms. Thorens TD 150 Mk2 Belt Driven turntable fitted with SME 3009 Improved Tonearm written by Francesco Pivetta Claiming the Swiss Precision, the TD 150 followed the most popular idler wheel / belt TD 124. The reason is of course to be able to listen to different tonearm / cartridge combinations on the Thorens TD124. Now a sub chassis that’s almost free of wobbling, a powerful motor control unit and a very precise tonearm are the basis for first class sound quality Thorens Strobe Lamp Removed and Replaced Power Cord and Connecter: New Thorens 124 Arm Board for a tonearm. Our first plinths for the Thorens followed the design principle of a two layer plinth, emphasizing mass, reducing the vibrations from the motor to vanishing levels, and complimenting the mid 20th century aesthetics of this great deck. Thorens TD 124, TD 125, TD 126, TD 135/184, TD 145/147, TD 150, TD 160 Garrard 301 Twin Tonearm Version Plinth. A fully restored Schopper Thorens 124 was way superior to the Audiograil restored top of the line garrard (this owner owned the Shindo Garrard before), and that includes bass and slam. I had seen on Audiogon, and e-bay a few Thorens turntables of of 60's thru the 80's that have been nicely restored and on sale. Considered by many to be the holy grail of vintage gramophones. The mains cable for my own Thorens TD 124 MkI does not have a three pin  Thorens TD 124 with Two Tonearms . Thorens TD 124 or TD 125 Mark 2 with a good arm and cartridge. Here is an interesting project we did recently - fitting a retro Thorens TD-124 turntable and SME tonearm with the original cutout on to the top of a red/black Norstone The TD 2030 sits just below the top of Thorens current range of turntables and retails for £1725 including the TP 300 VTA tonearm, but no cartridge. Ersatzteile für verschiedene TD's wie zum Beispiel TD 121, TD 134, TD 135, TD 184, TD 224 sind im SHOP erhältlich. ALTEC PEERLESS 15095: another phono Step Up. mangler støtte til arm. ATP12_16 spec sheet (spec sheet only) Thorens TP14 tonearm. I installed new thrust bearing and brass plate and rebuilt the motor. The turntable has a replaceable tonearm mounting board allowing the use of varying sizes of tonearms. Collectible Entertainment Winter is Coming - Get Your Entertaiment Collectibles, TV Props, Movie Props and More, Right Here! Product Information: Plinth for Thorens Td 124 12 inches SME and other Tonearm Made from HQ plywood, veneer makore silk matt. Thorens TD124 with SME3009 Tonearm + Shure M95ed catridge. Because it is mounted on the table without an armplate, it has a different bearing arrangement than the separate BTD-12S tonearm which was mounted to the 124, so the diagram in that manual is not completely correct or useful for the 135. 45,00 €. The new, further improved version of our decoupled tonearm board for the Thorens TD 124 is now available. SME 3009 tonearm was installed. It would be a nice step up. It appeared in 1965 as a first experiment in the then scarcely explored field of suspended-chassis TTs (pioneered by AR); in 1965 the top-of-the-line Thorens was the TD-124, superseded, one year later, by its improved version, the TD-124/II. It uses a belt to drive its idler wheel, which is a different design concept to other idler drives. THORENS Super Compact TD 124 / TP 14 - Remote Co . 00 negotiable (SOLD!) #2 Replacement and upgrade aluminium alloy upper platter for Thorens TD 124 (MK I and MK II) turntable. Does anyone on the forum have/use a Thorens TD-124 from the early 60s? I'd love to own one, with an Ortofon tonearm, but the prices are like, I recently set-up this Thorens TD-124 turntable with a TriPlanar tonearm I acquired, which orphaned the above shown REGA RB1000 tonearm. Thorens TD-124 turntable with Micro Seiki XP-237SC tonearm. Appropriately, a perfectly-restored, serviced and installed TD 124 will, as of 2013, still give most record spinners a run for their money. I havn't upgraded this yet to the same degree as my Thorens, but I can see the potential for sure. I am offering a rebuild service for the Thorens TD-124 for those who may not be able to perform these services themselves. Thorens td-124 turntable with sme 3009 tonearm (arroyo grande) Thorens td-124 turntable with sme 3009 tonearm just needs a wooden base (if you even want one?) all functions are ready to go i have many cartridges to choose from for this unit >>See ad Find thorens td ads. THORENS TD 124 - I parte SAEC WE-308N (1978, JPY 38,000) Static Tonearm. Initially issued without tonearm but with arm board 1958-61  Used Thorens TD 124 Turntables for sale on 400+ second hand hifi sites & shops . Giives it a 1950`s-60`s vibeAny help appreciated. 142. shure m 75 pickup. From Spain +$15. Pladespiller, Thorens, TD 124 mk2, God Fin 124 mk2 med Ortofon arm og Hi-Jack lift sælges. Thorens TD124 original Swiss factory specifications Speeds: 4-speed variable speed (+-3%) Platter:  Jan 4, 2009 (When Thorens first released the TD124/II, some escaped with cast-iron platters . 00, or Thorens turntable drive belt for The 160 is just a good Thorens, unless you have the Super and a great tonearm on it. Belt for TD-124. 4 out of 5 - 12 reviews - audioreview. Thorens td 280 mk ii Pictured below you will find needles known to have been found in THORENS players and a list of models compiled at press time. TD tireless and a perfect Thorens TD124 Mk II Turntable 33/45/78 rpm in original excellent working condition (9/10) complete with SME 3012 (12") Tonearm in excellent condition (8/10) mounted on a new custom made plinth made of Solid Burmese Teak Wood (very heavy). 00. I was able to find servicing data to restore my $10 Thorens TD-124. ) Art returned to the TD 124 in his December 2013 column, when he discussed using it with a Thorens TP 14 tonearm, and in his February 2014 column, where he discussed refurbishing the motor of the TD 124 he had purchased from Richard Lehnert. It was selected in an already good condition, then it was restored and the bearing was cleaned and oiled. Never before has a turntable won such worldwide acclaim as the Thorens TD-124. (Jim Austin still uses his TD 124 on an OMA plinth. The tonearm survived—remarkably—but not so the four threaded rods that Indeed: Unlike its friend the Garrard 301, the Thorens TD 124 has a belt and an  Thorens TD-124 Swiss-made Platter, Premium Bronze Bearing, Plinth and other high The Swissonor TA10 tonearm is an entirely re-designed version of the  The Thorens TD124 mkII is a classic and ever since I first spotted the TD124 deck on A dirty 9" SME SII tonearm followed the deck and it took a lot of hours and  Apr 19, 2015 The Thorens TD 124 is better than any word. $400. 00 Please bear in mind the potential cost of replacement tonearm and service BEFORE The Thorens TD 124 is better than any word. Considered by some to be the best turntable ever manufactured, this Latest News. Seller will pay for all shipping fees. with a Thorens TD 21 tonearm and a Shure ML140HE in the $200 range?I've read that the 316. Not to be confused with regular 3-In-One oil which is a much thinner viscosity lubrication. SME Tonearm Manuals, Data Sheets Up for sale on eBay. Not to be picky on names, but coincidentally, the Thorens TD 160 Super appears to be the best choice out of the rest. Solid Walnut Thorens Td 124 Td121 Extended Plinth Damping Rca Jacks Power Iec. Single and dual 9" / 12" tonearm configurations available. It’s legendary and known to suit the Thorens 124 turntable perfectly. Other brands: Dual 1019 (three of them) and the EMT 938. Like the AR unit, the Thorens uses a low-speed drive motor, which puts whatever motor-induced rumble there is at an inaudible below-15Hz frequency (footnote 2). newly lubricated mec Den Blå Avis DKK 9,000 50% Aug 4, 2019 If your turntable is not listed, don't worry. $455. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. 76: Re: Yet Another Thorens 124 Mushroom Search Post (10. The Wand tonearm to fit Technics pdf. Focusing on a lot of Turntable available for sale online. R 9,495. I was visiting a friend recently, chatting to his father, Neil, who is very ill. Vintage Thorens TD 160 Super Turntable with Tonearm Base for SME. ortofon arm. He also prefers his 124 to his previously owned SME 30/2 and Brinkmann Lagrange. We un- box  Thorens TD124 Mark 1 with SME 3009 tonearm and Sure M75E type 2 cartridge saved from being slung in a tip. td 124: fully Our newest project just arrived on Friday, a very clean, one owner Thorens TD-124 Mk. I have a TD-124 without tonearm. Including a SME 3009 Series II improved tonearm with Ortofon MC 10 Super. **Please click here to check out our newly launched SkyFi Audio website with additional items for sale**Here we have a stunning restoration of the classic and coveted Thorens TD124. Armboards are available, from 9″ -12″. 0 bids. A rather strange tonearm was mounted, a Pickering/Stanton Unipoise, a very crude design dating from 1959 or 1960 as far as I know. Hi All Currently upgrading a Thorens TD 125. It's a classic design, both in looks and Classifieds: FOR SALE - Thorens TD 124 Vintage Turntable asking for $950. Spare parts produced in Italy by Audiosilente Factory BUY. Thorens TD 124. Please wasap me Zul 0162494684 thanks for further details 4 Jan 2019- Explore vladimirantic9's board "TT & Thorens" on Pinterest. For sale, A very clean Thorens TD 124 which is very silent on all speed settings. Redundant after I moved my TD-124 to a larger 2-tonearm style plinth. 07 shipping. AU $88. It sounded great at first, but the turntable had a problem with a nasty noise due to a problem Thorens supply a pair of decent cables from the box, though. Seriøse henvendelser bliver besvaret. We display a varied catalog at low prices. $31. Thorens TD 550 Turntable We are delighted to announce the arrival of this eagerly awaited flagship turntable from Thorens. Thorens super compact td 124 / tp 14 - remote. 79,00 €. (1978, JPY 38,000) Static Tonearm. more info on The Wand tonearm: link . I used the Schick for a longer time on my Galibier table where it had no noise problems at all. One of the very first OMA slate plinths was for the classic idler drive Thorens TD124 turntable. Everything else is in good condition. To further this, I got chatting to Russ Collinson (Layers of Beauty, well known to many here) and we discussed doing one with a Panzerholz core, wrapped in sold wood (rather than veneer). We are talking about an analogue reading system that includes a classic Thorens TD124 with original black lacquered plinth, base for SME 12 ", SME 3012R G limited edition arm, Ortofon SPU Gold Made in Denmark cartridge. 36 Yamaha Gt-2000 Gigantic Tremendous Vintage Turntable Ya-39 Tonearm - Black Thorens Td 318 Mk Iii Service Manual Thorens TD 318 MK II / TD 316 MK IIDE Germany SERVICE & PARTS LIST NOS VINTAGE MANUAL TD 316-321 MK I ONLY, 30 USD, 2013-02-20, Show. save hide report. S. It works ok but I encountered some noise issues with the Schick/Thorens combination, pretty much the same thing Art Dudley described in his review of the Schick. CAUTION, a needle only functions with its intended cartridge and only indirectly matches to the turntable model if the originally supplied cartridge is still in use and the maker used only one cartridge during your model's production. Have been looking at more modern high-mass 9” tonearms, and see some good options from Ortofon and Jelco. com. Mine is to be mounted on a solid plinth, with or without rubber mushrooms, I don't know yet. Submit. The new Swiss made Thorens model TD 111 transcription turntable is not just one more turntable amongst others. Thorens TD124 Panzerholz Tonearm Board #2 Armboard US eBay logo  Here is an interesting project we did recently, fitting a Thorens TD-124 turntable and SME tonearm with the original cutout on to the top of Norstone stand. ​HEADSHELL FOR THORENS TP 14 TONEARM. Thorens TD-160B MkII Turntable - Serviced - c/w Manual & New Belt Any td 160 c, thorens td 160 parts, thorens td 160 price, thorens td 166 mkii, thorens 124. Pre-Owned. Since it took a notable amount of effort to get the REGA RB1000 tonearm to properly mount onto the Thorens TD-124, I have decide sell the entire assembly so that some lucky TD-124 owner can drop it onto their table with just three armboard screws. 83. The TD 124 is what launched Thorens down a path of High End Turntables. I can offer an ABIS or SME 3009 or Ortofon 12 inch tonearm Installation of the above listed parts, complete motor service, clean and polish Thorens 124 under-chassis and aluminum outer platter is very straight and not warped The Thorens TD124 has received a resurgence of interest as of late by both collectors and ultra-fi modifiers. Using foam-damped springs (these foam bits can deteriorate and many users simply get rid of them, attributing sonic improvements to this) examining the TD150’s underside is to take a peek into the future. The customers would like to be able to replace the complete system of the armboard and tonearm. 0 kg (zinc alloy), top platter (aluminium) with clutch, manual operation A fully restored Schopper Thorens 124 was way superior to the Audiograil restored top of the line garrard (this owner owned the Shindo Garrard before), and that includes bass and slam. Its use of a belt with its idler Perfectly working and sorted TD-124 drive with a 46XXX serial number, lubricated and ready for another 50 years. working All tonearm wiring was fine too. Remember this tonearm was designed in the 60's when some cartridges were heavyweights. 0 kg (zinc alloy), top platter (aluminium) with clutch, manual operation Tonearm Board for Thorens TD124 and long Tonearms / Swissonor # 3. Please observe pictures closely, so that you can confirm this. 2) Complete disassembly, cleaning, and lubrication of all mechanical components. Tonearm mounting sliding base for Ortofon 212, 309 and other tonearms Ortofon RMG-212 tonearm for SPU A and SPU G with original box, parts * VG+++. It incorporates some of the essential construction elements of the world famous TD 124 turntable and its basic performance is of the same very high quality. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Thorens TD 124 Turntable 1957 Classic Audiophile Turntable w/ Empire 980 Tonearm. The Thorens TD-124 might be one of the most famous 'audiophile' vintage turntables every made, although some might say that title should go to the Garrard 301 grease bearing turntable. com or so years a concours Thorens TD 124 mk2 with as set up by the pros Perfectly working and sorted TD-124 drive with a 46XXX serial number, lubricated and ready for another 50 years. Thorens TD-124 turntable with SME tonearm directly mounted on a Norstone stand. This inductor/circuit senses the increased velocity of the stylus when it accelerates toward the center in the wider takeout grooves at the end of an LP. Ultra rare swissmade thorens td 124 mk ii wood console with plexi hood sme Thorens badge for your td124/td-124, td-224, and td-125, td-126 Thorens td-124 i & ii turntable service manual pdf file 21 pages & motor wiring Rebuild Service for Thorens TD145 TD165 TD160 etc. It's a tank that takes a minute or so to get up to speed, but if you get it cleaned up and worked on by someone that knows that they're doing then it rivals pretty much any other deck out there. It is of laminate material with phoneloc resin, which is precision machined with a CNC milling machine. Vintage Thorens Td 160 Super Turntable With Tonearm Base For Sme. New to Turntables - Garrard 301 Grease Bearing or Thorens TD 124 MK1. Thorens Thorens Belt for TD-124. The TD 126 Mk III by Thorens is "the" transcription turntable for discriminating music lovers and professional users. 20 comments. Sep 17, 2004. The Thorens TD-124 was in the nineteen fifties and sixties what the Technics SP-10Mk3 was for the early nineteen eighties, and to a lesser extent the SP-10 Mk2 for the nineteen seventies - if you consider the variable pitch a necessary feature. Blacksilent Tonearm; Spare parts Thorens td 124, td 135, td 184, td 121. Beautiful vintage Thorens TD 124 turntable (1959?) Equipped with an ESL S1000 Tonearm. The TD 124 was most assuredly a child of the monophonic 1950s and its time had surely come. Scopri le migliori offerte, subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza. In very good condition but has some inevitable light signs of usage. We do have 15A and 20A industrial receptacles available for 240V, but am uncomfortable advocating for their use since there is no neutral on a domestic 240V connection so both sides of the line are hot - a small, but potential safety issue IMHO. EMT Tonarm Vorläufer BTD-12S vintage-audio Restauration aus Passion turntable Thorens TD 124 Mk1 - disassemble tonearm BTD12-S Custom plinths for Thorens TD124 made of solid ash wood. I've seen many 124's with the SME 3009 ll improved, however I'm open to humble input from the wiser and more experienced of the group. New Listing Headshell for Thorens BTD 12 S tonearm, Thorens td 124,Thorens TD 135. A TD124 in disassembly Courtesy of Eric Breckpot (Belgium) TD 124 motor Voltage Map (E50) (large jpeg image file) Somehow this happened. The player is upgraded with legendary “SME 3009 MK II Improved” tonearm. Well worth joining if already a Facebook member. A key feature of the TD-124 is its motor. Recommended for Thorens here at The Analog Dept. It was custom mounted, so there is no plinth. R 247. giv gerne et bud. 230) Yes, me. Ready to play! Up for your consideration is my trusty transcription turntable. The Thorens TD-124 is the king of the idler drive resurgence. II, a TD 125 and a TD 125 LB, a TD 127, TD 150 and TD 160. A professional car painter is doing black finish. Thorens, td 124, god, nysmurt mekanik og hovedleje. When you read the latter you normally expect, during operation, that the tonearm reaches the end of the LP side, lifts the stylus off the groove and returns the tonearm to its supporting cradle. In the beginning it was music boxes, then gramophones and finally in 1956 the TD 124. Two years ago I had the turntable rebuilt to include the following brand new parts purchased from Audio Silente: Set of two motor coils, two sintered bronze motor bushings, four felt pads, teflon thrust pad, oil and motor bearing (complete motor rebuild), Conversion The Artisan Fidelity Thorens TD124 Statement long-base turntable that I commissioned is here! The packing containers from Christopher Thornton at Artisan Fidelity were extremely well done, with the TD-124 and plinth arriving in the large wooden crate you see on the above left, and the two platters, extra armboard, and other miscellaneous supplies packed in Lastly, am currently using a Royal GM Mk II SPU with the Ortofon RMG-212 tonearm that came originally with my TD-124 Mk I (1958). Bluetooth, Wireless Speakers, Surround Sound. Time left 2d 23h left. $1800 w/o cartridge OR The Thorens TD 124 is a product of the tradition of high-end turntables TD Swiss made. beautiful condition, tonearm lift works. In stock. Thorens TD-124 Turntable with SME 3009 S2 Tonearm TD stands for "tourne-disque" which means literally "record turner" in French. Plinth design features a mass loaded constrained layer damped Cocobolo and Panzerholz core. I hope I didn't overpay for it. Our replacement armboards for the TD 124 are hand made from select beech by Swiss craftsmen. Hello everyone. Turntable Basics has a wide selection of belts available, and we can almost always provide a suitable replacement belt based on your measurements of the original belt, or the belt's path on the turntable. Items in search results. You may also like . Custom Thorens TD-124 Turntable with Restored SME3009 Tonearm, Fully Customizable Fully customizable Table based on the venerable Thorens TS-124 with OEM plinth. Tonearm Gauge. ( M3D cartridge. vintage-audio Restauration aus Passion Uncategorised Thorens TD 124 Mk1 - Headshellaufnahme Headshell BTD-S12 SME EMT Tonarm Bajonett Innenkabel Thorens Td 124 Turntable New Enlarged Plinth For 12 Inch Tonearm Serviced 2018 1 Thorens Td-124 - $1,799. . The Thorens TD295 turntable offers semi automatic operation in a truly hi-fi turntable – Includes Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge Javascript is disabled on your browser. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Thorens td 124, Swiss quality dustcover, hood, haube, for sme, ortofon tonearm at the best online prices at eBay! Thorens TD 124 Vintage Turntable Project With SME 3012R Tonearm And Denon 103R Cartridge AC 4pole induction motor, belt/idler wheel drive, 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm, mechanically switched, pitch, platter weight 4. The venerable TD-124 mechanism was looked over very carefully, and any worn out parts were replaced and lubricated. 55 Thorens TD 125 MK II with Linn basik lv x tonearm (pre-order). mkIV and both are outstanding. This is a special turntable. $69. Decoupled laminated Tonearm Board for TD 124. It is in excellent cosmetic conditions, but it at been unused for about the last 15 years. The high gloss r The Wand tonearm to fit the TD160_165_166 family_pdf. You can use this plinth for models of the Thorens product series TD 124. Description. ) Thorens 1 point · 3 years ago I have a TD-124 and it is an incredible combination of engineering and 1960's style. The ESL tonearm a frequent choice made by new TD124 owners in the North American market. Fidelity Research FR Original Genuine Tonearm arm 5pin Phono Cord Cable. Available at your local hardware store. by Zul Rayman on Mon Sep 30, 2019 2:33 am. the stock arm on the Thorens but others really like the TP arms. $1,896. See more ideas about Turntable, Record player and Audio. To dissect. Start till finish. The unit works great and I was able to work on it without incurring any damage. I’m asking $2800 price to sell. This table was acquired from the original owners and is completely stock. Well, the Thorens TD-124 was a decent sounding turntable, but it wasn't even close to being in the same performance league as my CTC Garrard 301 turntable. the owners' manual says just pull the plate up with the spindle without mentioning any. Tonearm, Thorens, TP 11 / TP 60 headshell, God, Velholdt tonearm fra Thorens TD 166. Below you will find a list of all the services that will be done to your turntable. We adjust the clutch. Later in 1982 Thorens introduced the TD-160 Super which was similar to the MK II but had a few improvements such as a heavier cabinet, more dampening, a heavier bottom plate and better dust I have been requested to find an easy solution for customers for more than one tonearm for Beogram 3000 with Thorens TD124MKII. Thorens TD-124-Mk2 Service Manual. The shape of the 12" armboard has been expressly designed for resonance control, bringing with it substantial sonic improvements. Gray Research viscous-damped Tonearm. Thorens Thorens Dustcover for TD-309/209. This Week’s Thorens TD-126 MKII. Slightly better than the Lenco GL-75 and the Garrard 301, the Thorens TD-124 is truly one of the best turntables of all time. You will not be disappointed with the condition. I currently have a Garrard 301 and a Thorens TD124 sitting in storage - Hoping for some advice on a problem with my Thorens TD124 turntable. Original pickup protraktor til denne Thorens tonearm kan købes for 150 kr. It has been tested and is in full working order. 3) Thoroughly cleaned and lubed. Thorens TD 124 Mk II TurnTables user reviews : 4. We can provide new studs of any length, with hardware. Get your Turntable right now on the internet. Read more : #2 #3 Natural fiber/penolic tonearm mounting board with neoprene damping blocks for Thorens TD 124 (MK I and MK II) turntable Thorens TD-124 turntable with SME tonearm directly mounted on a Norstone stand Posted on 12 Feb 12:02 . Thorens Tuners: Thorens made more than just turntables. Completely free, without registration free! find the instructions your hifi equipment Thorens with search engine Vintage hifi Thorens TD 124 or TD 125 Mark 2 with a good arm and cartridge. There is no Other tonearms used were the Ortofon RMG 212 and SME 3012. Monoment Audio Thorens TD 124 MK I turntable For anyone interested, the legendary Thorens 124 I turntable on a big and massive plinth with two tonearms from Monoment Audio is on sale… Tonearm 1: SME 3009 MK II Improved The THORENS TD 124 is back Pubblicato da audio andromeda a 22:07. I repaced all the rubber parts including the idler wheel. TD 124 Tonearm Boards. THORENS TD 146 and TD 166 MKII Owner's Manual. Genuine Thorens TD 124 MK1 turntable (serial number 7030), genuine Shure SME 3009 tonearm with Grado cartridge and new dustcover. So the 150 is actually a cheap good I am using a Thorens TD 125 MkII with the current (new) Thorens Acrylic Platter and Record Weight (Stabilizer), a Helius Aureus Tonearm, and a Sumiko Blue Point Special HO MC Cartridge. *** thorens td 124 armboard for ortofon rmg 309 - ortofon hi-jack / armrest *** $395. Setup. fully serviced thorens td124 turntable + sme 3009 tonearm + at-95e cartridge. Gel Mushrooms for Thorens td 124 td 135 td 224 td 121. vacuum cleaners are all 120V, we use 240V power for stoves, hot water heaters, clothes dryers and that is about it. Here is a tuner they made in the mid sixties. I used a Schick with my TD-124 using both a Denon 103R and Miyajima mono cartridge. 15 Dependable Equipments Accumulation Turntable 48 Diameter-feeding Table Tonearm: replaceable tonearm mounting board for 12" and 16" arms Dimensions: 15" wide x 12 7/8" deep with 12" arm mounting board; In very good condition in a glossy black plinth and fitted with a Bang & Olufsen TA-12 tonearm and SP-2 cartridge with original stylus, ready to plug and play. This listing is for a gorgeous looking vintage Thorens TD-124 Turntable it comes with SME Tonearm it’s tested and everything works as should be. I'm looking to add an arm. Results 1 - 25 of 304 Thorens TD124 plinth black Ships to: Worldwide. He is enamored with the engineering of this fine TT. Wir reparieren und restaurieren Ihren vintage klassische Thorens TD Plattenspieler mit Schwerpunkt TD124. This combination of Thorens TD 124 and Transfiguration cartridge really comes together nicely with the addition of the Audiomods tonearm. Thorens TD 124 with an Ortofon tonearm. Gates CB 500 M5739 16-inch Transcription Turntable. I saw that his cherished Thorens TD-125 Mark 2 was languishing, non-functional, in a pile of dust and dirt. TOSHIBA SR 510 C. Made to measure wood frame. A TD124 in disassembly Courtesy of Eric Breckpot (Belgium) TD 124 motor Voltage Map (E50) (large jpeg image file) Thorens TD-124 for sale. Not here. Turntables For Sale. The 124 and 125 are somewhat better than the other Thorens Models(the others are perfectly fine,but. 91% Upvoted. TD 145 MKII Turntable pdf manual download. Electronics (105560 bytes) Thorens TD 150 Mk II User Manual, html courtesy of Dave Roberts (Retro-Hi-Fi). Afhentes. It is the product of 95 years experience in the construction of musical instruments allied to the mastering of the most advanced technilogy in the fields of fine mechanics and electronics. For sale is a Thorens TD-124 turntable with unimproved SME 3009 tonearm, both turntable and tonearm are in good working order, the installed cartridge /stylus is a nice Shure M91ED, please judge the cosmetic condition by photos. I use it with a SME3012 tonearm and Ortofon SPU GM cartridge. I don't have a TD-124 but I do have a Lenco L-75 which is an idler. (se beskrivelser under service: Totalrenovering af Thorens TD 124) • Tonearm – original B&O 9" tonearm - ST/L 15º - total renoveret og kalibreret • Original B&O special lift for Beogram 3000 total renoveret og justeret. The TD124 mkII goes fairly high on eBay these days and I recently came across this one from Germany. Do The Thorens turntables are in majority – there’s a TD 124 and a TD 124 Mk. As you certainly already know, many fine plinth styles are available from various on-line sources as well as tonearm options. Proudly offered for sale is an excellent example of the legendary Thorens TD-124 turntable. As the official distributor of Thorens in North America we have full access to the entire range products. It is the mix of owners and professional restorers, parts makers etc one would probably expect and as it grows will likely build into a very useful resource. nye gummimotorophæng. The first tonearm “SME 3009 MK II Improved” is legendary and known to suit the Thorens 124 turntable perfectly. The armboard is one I made out of Coca-Bola a member of of the rosewood family. Thorens TD124 Piano Palisander Twin Tonearm Thorens TD-124 Plinth (Gloss piano black) Nicely built plinth in gloss piano black purchased online. Add to Wishlist Quick View. Classic belt-drive turntable and successor of the famed TD-124, a very different successor and not nearly as sought after. Though I love the TD 160 line, there is something about the substantialness of the TD-126 MKII series that excites me. Add More. S$ 1,089. 084 560 3199 Yamaha Gt-1000 Direct Drive Turntable S-shaped Tonearm Used Japan 100v Vintage Dependable Equipments - $2,657. ) because they are heavier duty and c . Everything sounds good, but I suspect the tonearm may be the weakest link. SEMI WHAT? The one major quirk of the TD 295 design is the semi-automatic operation. The EMT is my reference turntable, equipped with the 929 tonearm and the legendary Tondose (TSD 15 SFL). Find thorens td 150 for sale online. Mine also has a custom smoked acrylic arm board, and the whole affair is supported on a custom wall-mounted shelf. I had this tonearm and board mounted on my Thorens TD-124 so it should fit yours perfectly if you are purchasing it for use on a Thorens TD-124. SME Tonearm Armboard Mounting Plate for Thorens TD-125 & 125MKII Turntables. td 224. Thorens – A Return to the classics – Extending the line with the 900 series. For, example, a few of the models are the TD-160, TD-166, and TD-124. Key precision engineered enhancements are skillfully implemented thereby transforming the classic Swiss Thorens TD124 I/II turntable into a modern ultra high quality analog playback device. You have three options when it comes to purchasing the Thorens TD 160, you can choose from the mark I, mark II and Super variations. For a while, I’ve been pondering a change of plinth to put my 12in arm on the right, rather than at the back as was before, with the 9in arm at the back. This model is equiped with a 3009 SME tonearm. 5lbs table with separate non-magnetic aluminium shell cover THORENS TD-124 VINTAGE TURNTABLE (PARAMUS AREA) $1800 Thorens BTD-12S tonearm, 1)rebuilt motor, TURNTABLE THORENS VINTAGE TD Sponsored Link. ! I was in the process of try to get a TD 125mk2 restored when my friend had this table come back. The third TD 124 in my collection (on continuous loan) is the original one (Mk I so to speak). "Thank you so much for checking out my page, please do feel free to ask any question - i will answer them as soon as possible" This is an duplicate headshell & cartridge,from a TD 124 Thorens Turntable,I picked up todayIt is in a large cabinet & I have do not have pics of the unit,as of nowDoes this belong to a particular tonearm??Is It custom?The Stainless Steel "Robotic" Shape. The platter and tonearm will be removed and packed separately within the shipping box for a safe transportation. The Artisan Fidelity Thorens TD124 Statement long-base turntable that I commissioned is here! The packing containers from Christopher Thornton at Artisan Fidelity were extremely well done, with the TD-124 and plinth arriving in the large wooden crate you see on the above left, and the two platters, extra armboard, and other miscellaneous supplies packed in We recommend the removal of the original mat, and installation of our upper platter mat adapter which enables the use of any turntable mat. Model BTD 12S. Thorens has been in the music business since 1888. We’ve enlisted the help of Gideon Schwartz, owner Thorens TD 124 Specifications: Speeds: 4-speed variable speed (+-3%) Platter: 12", 11. We like the Spec mat, or the AudioSilente Graphite mat, or the Thorens Cork mat. Reviews. Comes with the original manual but no tone arm. The best way to describe it would be the difference between a normal integrated amp and a full on pre-power set. 99. Very easy to install and use. from first owner, therefore very well maintained. Finished with natural oil. Voici une petite vidéo de ma table tournante Thorens TD 124. I have no way of testing the tonearm to make sure that it is working properly. forslag til forbedringer: smøre leje motorenhed. View and Download THORENS TD 145 MKII instruction manual online. Add to OEM Thorens belt for the Thorens TD 124 turntable TD 124 Tonearmboards. The official Thorens® website: Turntables, Electronic, Accessories. CM2 for ANALOG Passion, research, experience, intuition, enthusiasm and curiosity. THORENS TD 240-2 TURNTABLE The Thorens classic fully automatic table is built with high-quality materials, and is a classic design and love for details are the distinctive characteristics of this fully automatic record player. The tonearm internal wires were upgraded to high-end Nagaoka TC-111. There is a lot of hype about the Thorens TD-124 these days, thanks in no part to Art Dudley and Stereophile. My Artisan Fidelity Thorens TD-124 was restored and built to perfection, was beautiful to look at, and while it sounded pleasant, I was disappointed with its overall musical & sonic performance. Tweaking your Thorens: THORENS TD124-SME 3012 RG ORTOFON SPU GOLD. thorens td 124 2 with tp 14 tonearm plus manuals for parts or repair. 00 Audio & Design M9BA Tonearm With Thorens TD124 Board. Replacement of damaged original upper platters and a further upgrade for ultimate sound fidelity. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers • Total renovering af Thorens TD124 MKII med præcisions Swiss made reservedele. It’s known to suit the Thorens turntables perfectly. Thorens Thorens Tonearm Gauge. The high gloss r Thorens TD 124 Vintage Turntable Project With SME 3012R Tonearm And Denon 103R Cartridge AC 4pole induction motor, belt/idler wheel drive, 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm, mechanically switched, pitch, platter weight 4. 00 Original thorens td-124 mk ii serie ii turntable manual $75. This page contains every Thorens item that is not one of their turntables. Fully Functional Turntable equipped with a SME 3009 Series III Tone arm, wood plinth and genuine Thorens tonearm wood finish base. From the lowliest of spare parts, such as drive belts and carbon fibre brushes, to their fine line of amplifiers. Visualizza altre idee su Giradischi vintage, Vinili e Audiofilo. 3-In-One SAE 20 Electric Motor Oil. The table will also be fitted with a new MM (Moving-Magnet) Cartridge just released to the market. ACOUSTICAL 3100. Thorens TD 124 Turntable 0 results. Thorens TD-124 for sale. The BTD-12S tonearm that came mounted is an earlier iteration of the TP-14 that came with the TD-125. Download the Thorens TD-124-Mk2 Service Manual. thorens td 150 turntable record player for spare and repair . This Thorens TD 124 fitted with an SME 3012 Tonearm has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 1 year warranty. R 445. Thorens TP14 Tonearm with TD124 Board Legendary Thorens TP14 tonearm with Thorens TD124 tonearm board. 1) How do you remove the subplatter of a TD 124 for shipping / repair. The listed price does in fact include the tonearm and cartridge. the offer includes - Thorens TP14 tonearm - Ortofon MC10 Super Tonzelle used - 2 Empire ET-1 Coaxial Step-up Transformers - original Thorens TP14 Thorens TD150 Turntable Tonearm Detail Looking at the underside reveals a classic three-point suspension, and this is the heart of the TD150. ‹ View All Thorens ‹ View All Drive Belts ‹ View All Thorens Drive Belts Thorens Replacement Drive Belt for TD-124 Turntable code: 6800581 6800581 Vintage Thorens Td-124 Turntable 21165 W Empire Tone Arm Esate Find Working Ca Yamaha Gt-2000 - $2,073. 15 Dependable Equipments Accumulation Turntable 48 Diameter-feeding Table Yamaha Gt-1000 Direct Drive Turntable S-shaped Tonearm Used Japan 100v Vintage Dependable Equipments - $2,657. Thorens Thorens TD-170 Turntable. Spectacular in terms of conservation, very rare. Tonearm. Just picked up: Thorens TD 124. Thorens TD-124/II Hi, I recently purchased the above unit and the turntable doesn't turn. The TD-125 was originally offered with the TP-14 tonearm and TP-50 headshell, changed to TP-25 with the TD-125II (still with the TP-50) and sans tonearm for the large and very elegant TD-125LB version. Thorens | Hifi Manuals Free: Service Manuals, Owners Manuals, Schematics, Diagrams, Datasheets, Brochures online for free download and free to your amplifier, receiver, tape, CD, Tuner, Turntable and Recorder. Banana Transcription Tonearm 12 for EMT 927 Thorens TD 124 Garrard 301 more 0 results. Handmade in Switzerland and modeled on the Thorens TP 14 tonearm of the 1960s, the TA10 ($3990) improves on its predecessor with an effective length of 240mm, which Swissonor says is the longest that can be achieved with a stock TD 124 armboard (the TP 14's effective length was only 210mm), and replaces the non-universal plug and socket of the On special request, this Thorens TD 124 MKII in Ruby Black Metallic. Price: RM14,800. They continue the tradition founded by those legendary types TD 150 and TD 160 some decades ago. in good condition. Hi Nigel, No U. Any suggestions on repair - Audio Players & Recorders question Thorens was moving factories from Switzerland to Germany, the TD 124 was nearing the end of its life as a viable product after some 100,000 had been made, and the latest stereo cartridges demanded greater refinement. 5 kg (cast iron) or 3. I wonder what tonearm Art Dudley prefers to use with his TD-124. This I am not sure about. Famous for expressing the heart and soul of music through vinyl reproduction,  After you make contact with us, and read the section under 'service' on this website on 'How to pack your turntable', then you ship your TD124 to us. I had to enlarge the four chassis attachment holes to accommodate the popular rubber balloons. The MK II also had the TP16 tonearm but the arm had been redesigned since first being used on the earlier TD-160 and was now called the Isotrack TP16 MkII. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Thorens TD 146 with SME 3009 tonearm. It came in a wooden cabinet with space for a radio and some records beneath it. Tweet. I bought new a Thorens TD 316 MK II, which. I managed to get this for a few hundred more than a really thorough restoration of the 125 would have cost ie new plinth and tonearm . 3) Replacement/repair of any worn parts There is a pretty decent 'Thorens TD-124 Friends' Facebook group. The Thorens TD124 mkII is a classic and ever since I first spotted the TD124 deck on the B&O Beogram 3000 turntable back in the late Sixties, I wanted one. Der mangler den øverste del til holderen til tonearmen, men let at erstatte. Thorens. The tonearm wires were changed to high-end Nagaoka TC-111. Nice read. Contatto THORENS TD-150 SME 3009 II tonearm . Analog-Vinyl Reviews at Home Theater Review: The Thorens TD124 has received a resurgence of interest as of late by both collectors and ultra-fi modifiers. Here it is Next steps, not necessarily in that order, will be: total revision; new plint; new armboard (I will mount my Audiomods tonearm) mechanical upgrades (motor, idler wheel, grommets, etc. Sælges med headshell, armrest og vægtlod(der) til brug på antiskating mekanismen. THORENS BTD 12S Tonearm Tonarm for TD 124 TD 135 TD 224 etc - BTD12S I propose to you an old and a collector tonearm & original headshell from THORENS SWISS. Category People & Blogs; Song The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Artist Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra; Writers Ennio Morricone; Licensed to YouTube by Born in 1968, the Thorens TD-125 directly followed what most enthusiasts would rightly nominate as the Swiss/German firm’s single greatest achievement: the TD 124, rather than the similar TD 150 of 1965. down on a rebuilt 124, complete with original armboard and Formula IV Unipivot tonearm. Montage afstand: 215,6 mm. At present, my TD-124 is 100% stock (but recently serviced) with exception of a multi-layered baltic birch plinth. That procedure is tricky because the conscientious TD 124 owner should never, ever lift the iron platter and main bearing shaft away from the stationary bearing well: The well lacks the sort of air vents common on other such bearings, and to casually reinsert the platter and spindle would risk damaging the seal between the Thorens's very The TD 150 is NOT an EMT and it was NEVER a top-of-the line Thorens. Call Alex at 416-939-0365 Thanks. The Wand tonearm to fit a Lenco L75_pdf. ALLNIC H-1500 II SE Plus LCR Phono Stage Throughout this album every performer and instrument is evenly balanced with the proper texture and tone for each part. Belt-drive turntable manufactured by Thorens between 1965 and 1973. A cross between a Breitling watch and a combine harvester, the TD124 is another of the Great Tables. Shop thorens td 150 now! Wireless Technology For Sale. Replacement flat drive belts for THORENS TD-124 MK . It's a classic design, both in looks and design. 67 For all you Thorens TD 124 fans, Art Dudley has a very nice piece on restoring a 124. Tonearmen sælges samlet ! Prisen er fast ! Se hele annoncen Thorens Td166 Mkii Manual Download the Thorens TD-166-Mk2 manuals for free from the biggest Thorens manual and schematic collection on the web. Thorens TD 124 Custom Plinth for 9" and 12" tonearms. ny nål til pickup. I believe the tonearm is an Ortofon SMG 212. Simply the result gained over the years by experimenting with our own systems, then by sharing with a circle of audiophile friends. 1 turntable that we will begin to overhaul, evaluate and eventually restore to better than new quality for use in our second sound room, a project all by itself. THORENS BTD 12S Tonearm Tonarm for TD 124 TD 135 TD 224 etc - BTD12S €649 May 17, 2019 eBay NOS HORIZONTAL BEARINGS FOR THORENS BTD 12 S,TP 14,TP 25, 997 BANANA,EMT ARMS £35 Apr 13, 2019 Visita eBay per trovare una vasta selezione di thorens td 124. As one of the longest established and most renowned names in audio, it will come as no surprise to learn that the new TD 550 is something very special indeed. $1,200. With Thorens 1600 series a new chapter in history of legendary turntables by Thorens is written. Fitting the wand tonearm (3 pages) The Thorens TD 145, and some other Thorens models, use an electronic circuit connected to an inductor on the bottom of the tonearm shaft to lift the tonearm and cut power to the drive motor. 99 1 Thorens Td-124 With Sme 3009 Tone Arm Beautiful Condition. share. $799. So would the 3009 vs. Thorens TD 124/II - First Run I was very lucky fo find a Thorens TD 124 Mk1. DESCRIPTION: NEW beautiful very heavy 3/4" MDF / oiled oak veneer base, Thorens BTD-12S tonearm, 1)rebuilt motor, 2)installed RCA connectors. It is in mint condition with original TP 25 tonearm, but have read the SME 3009 tonearm (which was a config option when it was originally sold) is better if I want to use a modern, high compliance cartridge. The turntable is in good to average cosmetic condition as the veneer on the plinth is cracked and worn (please see photos). Thanks for looking at and reading about this gorgeous Thorens TD-126 MK II. R 1,795. Add to Wishlist Antique Collectibles, Rare Antiques, Antique Furniture. The new Thorens TD 201 is the right choice for anyone looking for a robust, easy to use plug and play turntable. I'm using a Denon DL103R catridge on a fixed head Thorens was moving factories from Switzerland to Germany, the TD 124 was nearing the end of its life as a viable product after some 100,000 had been made, and the latest stereo cartridges demanded greater refinement. 95 Thorens TD124 Panzerholz Tonearm Board Armboard #1. I believe that's an Empire 98 tonearm. THORENS TD 124 TWIN TONEARM Piano Palisander Plinth (without turntable/tonearm!) The PIANO PALISANDER (veneer) CNC machined HQ Birch Plywood TWO TONEARM VERSION Plinth THORENS TD124 9" 12" WHIT 1 Blank TONEARM BOARD for the 12" Tonearm. The massive and stable real wood plinth, which is available also with piano lacquer finish, p I am offering a Thorens TD-124 turntable with an Origin Live Illustrious tonearm in good condition. The first impression is how great the timing is. $495. Thorens TP16 Mk iv tonearm . Custom finish, tonearms, and accessories. This tonearm is equipped with Goldring 2500 MM phono cartridge. 0 Hand made in Switzerland Natural fiber/phenolic tonearm mounting board with neoprene damping blocks for Thorens TD 124 (MK I and MK II) turntable, for long tonearms. SOLD. Collectible Entertainment Winter is Coming - Get Your Entertaiment Collectibles, TV Props, Movie Props and More, Right Here! UPDATE ล่าสุด Ortofon AS-212s 9" Tonearm + Heavy Counterweight for SPU + 2 Boxed สอบถามเพิ่มเติมโทร. 1 mar 2019- Esplora la bacheca "Thorens" di davide0815 su Pinterest. I purchased the turntable from the original owner who had it serviced on a regular basis when he had it. Those who follow my sales know I rarely list Thorens TD-126s, and when I do, they sell fast. Here are some of the accessories available for the Thorens TD-124 when in production: WBTD - wooden base (walnut, ebony or mahogany) WBTD/OW - deluxe wooden base (oiled walnut) Best Tonearm for Thorens TD-124. enjoy, mark. Has two mounting places for 12" and 9" tonearms. View Details. I have to say this is an outstanding source of information. Replacement flat drive belts for thorens td-124. Here is an interesting project we did recently - fitting a retro Thorens TD-124 turntable and SME tonearm with the original cutout on to the top of a red/black Norstone HiFi stand. tonearm for thorens td 124

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